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The Little Girl Who Didn't Believe

I was born into a family who not only loved me, but chose to have me. I was CHOSEN! From the moment I let out my first cry into this world I knew I was not alone. Little did I know, I would struggle with feeling chosen later in life. As a little girl, I  knew I had something to offer, a voice to rally others, and a message to be heard. I had one dream and one dream only, to be a famous singer. I saw myself traveling the world and impacting lives. So did God! But in a whole other way. I lost focus when I started following or joining, the crowd. I wanted the life I saw in my dreams so badly. Little did I know God had shown me in part. I was chasing pieces of a dream without having the whole picture.  At that time I believed for everyone else! I just didn't believe in me...for me!

The Young Lady Who Struggled Within

I don't know how this works as I was fearless in my profession as a teacher/pastor. Communicating God's Word brought me joy, But at the same time, I was as insecure as one could be and worked hard at hiding it from others. In my mind I wondered why people wanted to be around me. I knew their compliments were sincere however, they didn't penetrate my wounded soul.


Disappointments were consistent and the life blows never seemed to let up. But God never left me. He built within me a fierce love for Him and His Word. It was my love affair with Jesus which ultimately set me free. My self image and self esteem were so low it hurt. In Him I was BRAVE. I could stand before anyone without shame and fear and declare His name. The question was: why couldn't I do this when it came to sharing who I was? 

The Woman Who Stands Chosen & Brave

Finally, in 2013 I waved goodbye to insecurity and began a journey to healing from the inside out. I worked with my spiritual mentor and later on in my own life I got myself a coach. I saw how I had been serving everyone else well wanting them to win and win big. The problem was I was not doing it for myself. I realized I had been playing smaller than God ever intended. How could I be more and do more, if I didn't value the woman He created me to be?


I looked at my life and the countless times God had CHOSEN me. Then I thought; "WHAT IF I SHOWED UP BEAUTIFULLY BRAVE?" Well... I did!

And I am! It has transformed everything.

I am still learning daily and my desire now is to help you navigate your way to a place that already belongs to you.  

Kai A. Pineda

Founder & Lead Coach

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